Trashware Graphics MS/Dos Turbo Pascal made software.

Our products range from games to office software, as well as the department of Christmas lighting applications.


If you're on a newer Microsoft operating system: higher than Windows XP, you will need a DOS/ emulator like DOSBox or something else. Just so you know; ok? If you're rich and got stuck with Windows Vista or something, you're probably too busy looking up stock exchange figures, rather than enriching your brain by using our software...


Gee, I'd love to know you better!

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Download Turbo Tetris, a Russian tetris made game, uses VGA 320x200.


Download non-moving Banner program, a text enlarger using ASCII-art.


Download moving Banner program, a scrolling ASCII-art program, good for the average shop around corner window displays...


Or, download our proud office product, Quill; THE MS/Dos text editor needed to edit, save, print and of course load text documents. Like, if your kids wanna write a letter... Or if you're stuck in a coalmine with only a 80286...


Out now, 22-1-2014; Quill 1.1; the NewScreen CursorBug t/m, has been fixed. Also much faster, turbo load and save times on files...

And last but not least; rework on the WordWrap Code!


As we speak of today, 05-02-2014; our latest program DOSSER is out (again, new version, been on at programmersheaven before but disappeared from there!).

It's a program to create an executable out of MS/DOS-commands, and programs, entered, to be batch processed a.k.a. executed. So; download if you need dosser2.exe!


Today (13-03-2014), after I had noticed for a while -must be a protected directory on I've decided to bring my normal letter print procedure API for 640x480 Turbo Pascal BGI-mode, out in the field of bits and electrons +wires that is the internet.

For all Turbo Pascal freaks out there to use and abuse! Any damage (sorry for getting legal but seems every other programmer does) resulting of the use or abuse of the software is entirely in your hands y'all.

The thing to get, if you want the BGI-Application Programmer's Interface bit, is the Nightshop Candy Shop download link. That is the .ZIP-file which contains the goodies...


Out today ( 27-10-214): Falcon Commander. Powerful MS-DOS shell tool for your PC.

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