Jim and his girlfriend

She packed her things in a hurry, in her backpack,

not planning on leaving a note to him even.

She would let the music of her tears speak.

If only he had gone there with her...

"Take me to the stars," she once begged him.

Let it be a joke. Let it be a smile. Now, that day of her parting,

all was in vain. His vanity had driven her insane!

Or was it that he was always off at the betting office; you know looking

around what girl he could shag next. Jim was always checking them out as

they walked the streets together. Even when their romance had just



Their future was all in bits and pieces. Shattered, with every crack in

his beautiful smile.

"Let it be a tear, please, oh God," she uttered whispering to herself.


"Never you mind!" he would start shouting and keep her there with him,

as so many times before whenever she tried to make her leaving final.

Now she would make her quick gettaway.

She felt like a gangster, or rather like a Russian spy...

All in bits and pieces, their relationship.

It started pounding inside her head, all the great sex and the expensive

dinners with wine of sin and leaving real life on a hold.


"Right out now," she said. She pondered about leaving a note with: "One of

us had to go" on it, but that would have too much an air of a suicide note.

So she decided against it, finally, after picking the favourite shoes he

gave her. That's how she started the show!


Staring at the ceiling now, she gave the room one more glance and moments

later she was in the hallway.

She took the stairs, scared of meeting him in the elevator, reducing

chances that he would have even one last look at her.


The snow out on the street looked like a carpet towards entering a

building of a new beginning.

A new man, 'our last summer' were the footprints in the snow she

cracklingly left behind.

"We had a fear of flying, Jim," she said firmly to herself.


Then, in a weak moment, she decided to turn to the bar where they met and

had their first ever coffee together. She would go there for a coffee.

Or, maybe, a gin-tonic. She could use one.


For a while, she sat there sipping from her drink. "Honey, I've been looking

all over for you. There you are!" It was Jim, indeed, and noone else.

"Damned," she cursed herself. "See why you told me this is the best

place for picking up birds, Jim," the other man who was with Jim, shouted...



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